Gautier Community Center Wedding DJ in Gautier, MS: Monique loves Kyle! December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This is my first official blog post.

Monique first found about me from her carnival group that she is a part of. It was a fun Mardi Gras group in the St. Andrews community and she really loved how I engaged the guests in the fun.

I met with Monique and Kyle several weeks prior to their wedding reception. We met at Scranton’s restaurant in Pascagoula. We had a wonderful, detailed conversation about the type of atmosphere, style of music, order of events, and many special moments that she and Kyle wanted to create to make their day unique. Monique had gathered some information that would capture her family and friends into the moment.

Weeks later it was December 5, 2008! The BIG DAY!

The Reception was in the early evening.  A pleasant afternoon! Their reception was held in Gautier, at the Community Center near the College. Upon my arrival for setup, I viewed many of the pictures that she used to decorate her entrance area. There were many wonderful pictures of her and Kyle. Monique and Kyle have such captivating smiles that it’s so inviting. The aroma in the kitchen was only making my appetite more ready for the reception to begin….:).

The photographer was Tom Tyner of T. Randolph Photography. I’ve worked with Tom at many weddings. He’s always a pleasure to work with. You can reach him at 392-0069.

The Catering was by Le Marche in Gautier. They can be contacted at 497-2700. Their food was outstanding and well presented.

Guests arrived at around 7:30 to the sounds of Rat Pack type music consisting of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett and the like. Soon after wards the wedding party arrived. I quickly lined up the wedding party and prepared them for what was to be an awesome personalized entrance (a 15 minutes of fame so to speak). The Wedding Party members had no idea that Monique, Kyle, and myself had planned this. The Wedding Party was entertained and loved the attention. Not to mention, the guests loved my commentary about how each Wedding Party member was connected to the Wedding. The audience cheered for each couple, and laughter and applause were created from the very beginning!

Kyle and Monique had an incredible grand entrance with everyone standing and applauding. Immediately following, Monique gave a special thank you to all of their guests. The guests were invited to the buffet only after hearing their ‘table song’ that was their cue to join the buffet line. The songs were some of Monique’s favorites and really set the mood for the night.

The night proceeded with a fun, audience participation interactive called Who Knows Who. The guests loved the questions I asked. Monique and Kyle laughed and cheered as well even though they didn’t know the answers to each others questions. In the end, I believe it was a tie??

Later the Best Man, Darren (a close friend of Kyle’s from New York) gave a heart warming toast to Kyle and Monique. Then Monique’s Matron of Honor, Mrs. Alicia Yanick gave a wonderful toast with many guests laughing and cheering. Alicia is a wonderful person that I remember working at Molly 96.7 as their morning DJ in Gulfport.

From the very beginning of the reception, I let the guests know about a fun crowd involvement routine that Monique and Kyle wanted for their guests to take part in. It was called Camera Scavenger Hunt. At the end of the night, the person with the most pictures per the list won a prize. The winner received a very nice digital picture frame.  Monique didn’t want the other tables left out so she decided to give them each Wedding favors.

Later in the evening Monique and her maids enjoyed reliving the days of Nsync. So I played, “Bye bye bye” with all the maids doing their version of the Nsync dance moves. Did anyone get that on video?!

Since Monique and Kyle are huge fans of Michael Buble they decided to conclude their night with “Save the last dance for me”. What a nice ending!

Mr. and Mrs. McNeil enjoyed their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas.

A special thanks to Monique and Kyle for having me be a part of their special day.

Congratulations Monique and Kyle!!


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  1. Brian Harris says:

    Hey Jim, the blog looks great. Nice job with the story and great pictures! Love it!

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