Vendor Spotlight: Gritz Photography

Brandy and John Hamilton tied the knot on November 5, 2011.

I had the pleasure of working with Gritz Photography from Pensacola Fl. This was my first time to work with Laura Henson and she really captured the style and personality of Brandy, John, and their family and friends.

I truly love her attention to detail and her persona. It’s like we’ve worked together for years…..she just fits right in. Laura is not an ‘in your face with a camera’ type photographer…..she lets events happen and you never know she is there. She knows how to capture the moment and the spirit of the day.

I asked Laura what three things a couple should look for in a photographer. This is what she told me:

When choosing your photographer, of course find someone with a style that reflects what you have in mind for the wedding, but find someone that you GET ALONG WITH!  You of course don’t have to become best friends (although don’t be surprised if you keep in touch for years to come, I quite often do)  but you will more than likely spend more time with your photographer than anyone else at your wedding (this includes your spouse-to-be), so its important to be comfortable with your photographer.  If you have the opportunity, schedule an engagement or bridal session with your photographer before the ceremony.  These sessions really help you get to know who is shooting your wedding and the photographer can also get a feel for what you are looking for in photos, not to mention that these shoots are just plain fun!

Does your photographer offer prints or just DVDs?  Everyone wants access to print on their own from the DVD, I know I do, but when it comes time to frame something FABULOUS on the wall, what you get from a local chain print shop will NOT look as good as from the photographers pro-print shop.  Why?  A pro-photographer will have color-calibrated their photos with their print shop, so the wonderful retouching and editing that you receive in print will look EXACTLY the way the photographer intended.  There is a difference when compared side by side, and when you want to display your wedding photos on the wall for all to see,  you want them perfect!  The DVD is great to have, but make sure you have the option to order pro-prints as well.

How does your photographer plan their shooting for the day?  This is a big question and varies from photog to photog.  Do they develop a photo-timeline based upon your info?  Are they flexible in case of weather change, family members that are not in the right place at the right time, or things just running behind?  This is a highly coordinated part of the event, and it’s important to know how they personally approach things so you can get what you are looking for out of your wedding photos.  I am not talking about a “shot-list” of normal photos (the kiss, the rings, etc) your photographer will have the basics covered, but they should be informed of anything out of the ordinary that you are really looking forward to (a family heirloom hidden in the bouquet, a recreation shot from the brides parents wedding, etc).

Your photographer is ONE person.  If you are interested in both bride and groom preparation shots (which often happens at the same time), the reception area BEFORE the guests arrive, a ceremony where movement is prohibited, or  candids and details of guests interacting while formals are taking place, consider the time your photographer has to work with.  I recommend in these situations the help of a second shooter.  Two photographers can get different angles on the day, speed up progress of bridal party photos so everyone can get to the reception ASAP (always a good thing), and there are just plain more photos (and who doesn’t want that?).

Thanks so much for the valuable information, Laura. I KNOW everyone reading this will find it useful and educational. 🙂

Finally, I want to post some of Laura’s work from her Gritz Photography BLOG here.

As a fun gesture, I also put together this romantic slide show as I always do for my clients. Enjoy!


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