Vendor Spotlight: Thrifty Chic Love paper flowers

Looking for unique docor ideas? Looking for that WOW factor for your wedding or formal affair?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Molly of Thrify Chic Love. She offers some very unique, paper flower decor that I’ve never seen before and I want to share the LOVE of her work.
Meet Molly Ryle!
I interviewed Molly and asked, “What make your company different than others?”.  Additionally, “Why would someone consider you for their wedding or special event?”
Here is her response. Enjoy!
What makes Thrifty Chic Love unique? Everything about it is unique. It’s in the name. The whole idea of creating something so lovely, from paper is in itself, unique.
My designs are quite chic, and I put absolute love into what I do. My little business provides me the ability to care for my children at home, which is so very important to me and gives the creative freedom that I have always wanted.
There are very few people in the country that create large paper flowers, and actually no one is doing it the way I do, with as much attention to detail. Every detail is completely customized to my client, every color, every petal. I research floral macro photography, so no detail is too small, not one left out. I create every flower completely by hand, so it is truly unique.
When I hear from a potential client, I first ask what their vision is because I want to make that vision a reality, the best I can. Sometimes they say (and I love when they do) “This might sound crazy…” because then I know we’re onto something special.
My passion has always been to do something outside the box, and this allows me to do just that. Brides do not want what everyone else has, they want their wedding to be as truly unique as they are, as their love is, so it will not only be remembered by them as the beginning of the best days of their life, but as something so very special by their guests as well. It’s a celebration of the beauty of their love. Why shouldn’t the décor reflect that too? So, that is what I strive to create for them, unique beauty, inspired by love.
My clients come from all over the country, with every kind of need. From baby showers, intimate gatherings, and holiday family parties to weddings, fundraisers, Mardi Gras balls and even art galleries. My designs have been given as gifts to loved ones, used as statement pieces as home décor and incorporated into sculptural pieces by artists.
For my lovely brides, they have used my designs for chandelier ornaments, table settings, centerpieces, chair décor, bouquets, and backdrops for the bridal table. The possibilities really have no limit, besides the imagination. I find inspiration for my pieces in all things of beauty from the Chanel runway, Louis Vuitton window displays, and French fashions. I also look to nature, the ultimate inspiration. There is no beauty more captivating than nature, second of course, to love.
Contact Molly today:
Molly Ryle
Thrifty Chic Love
Ph: 228-447-0142

Happy planning!
Jim Horn
Jim Horn Entertainment

Happy Planning,

Jim Horn


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