Gulfport Wedding DJ Bride and Groom hire a ‘friend’ to DJ their wedding

My friend and author, Tom Haibeck, of “Wedding Toasts Made Easy” and “The Wedding MC” recently attended a wedding as a guest. Here is his feedback on a ‘DJ’ that was a friend of the bride and groom and not a professional:

“I was a guest at a wedding this past weekend. The couple getting married were both in their Fifties and very accomplished in their respective fields. They did an amazing job with the wedding — wrote their own vows, planned the day out very carefully and celebrated their wedding in style at a very posh private club. Their bill must have been substantial.

But there was one big problem with the reception — someone “volunteered” to be the DJ. And he had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

The couple’s first dance was a slow, romantic waltz that quickly filled the dance floor (it was a mostly older crowd). But the next cut was heavy metal, followed by a loud, in-your-face, angry rap song. The dance floor very quickly emptied — and remained that way for most of the evening (as the DJ continued to play music that was completely inappropriate for that crowd). By 9:30 most of the guests had left.

I felt badly for the couple, as their otherwise amazing day fizzled out and fell flat. Had they invested in an experienced DJ who had the ability to “read” the audience and play to their tastes, the day could have ended on the high note they had envisioned. And if they had a “do-over” I’m quite sure they would have gladly hired a professional. “

Happy Planning,

Jim Horn


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