New Orleans Wedding DJ Jim Horn Entertainment presents: Vendor Spotlight: Lifehouse Wedding Films

Looking for a unique and memorable wedding video?…….. Not the ‘Uncle Bob has a new video camera‘ type wedding recording?….Then read on:
Recently I had the pleasure of working with Lifehouse Wedding Films on November 24, 2012 in Lucedale, MS.
With weeks in advance prior to Jake and Rachel’s wedding reception I made several emails and communications with Lafe Blobaum at Lifehouse Wedding Films. I could tell from the very beginning that their services were unique and that he runs his videography business top notch….the exact type of wedding vendors I like to refer. 🙂
I interviewed him and asked him a few questions about his business. My first question was:
What should brides look for when shopping for a videographer?
“There are so many questions you can ask a prospective videographer, but it’s best to do a little homework first. Google the company to find examples of their work. Their online examples should be excellent. Most companies only post their best work online, so if you’re not loving it, you probably won’t be loving them! Do you like their style? Can you picture yourself in their films?
Next, what are other people saying about them? Reading online reviews about the videographer and speaking with your other vendors can give you a better idea of what you can expect when you are the client. Anyone can “talk the talk” over the phone or email, but hearing from others’ actual experiences will help filter out the ones that don’t follow through with their promises.
If all of this checks out, send them an email to setup a time to talk on the phone. During this phone call, you can ask to hear more about their style, pricing, and tell them more about your vision for the day. Find out what is included in the final product. Is it just a highlight film? Will the full ceremony be on the DVD? If your videographer is good, their calendar will probably fill up quickly, so once you make your decision, let them know so the booking process can begin!”
So, doing a little bit of homework is essential. What sets Lifehouse Wedding Films apart from other wedding videographers?
“We believe there are a few things that set us apart and make us unique. First, and perhaps most importantly: we LOVE filming weddings! Some people film weddings on the weekends to make extra money, and others have been doing it so long that they are burnt out and don’t bring any enthusiasm or fresh ideas to the table. We have been filming primarily weddings full-time for the past couple of years and still love what we do. I still get goosebumps when the couple has written their own vows, or when a father sees his daughter in her dress for the first time. Our lead videographers all have video production degrees, which provides a solid foundation for the professionalism and expertise we bring to each job.
Another thing that sets us apart is our unobtrusive presence on the wedding day. It is so important to us that we are never a disruptive presence at your wedding. Many of our couples tell us afterwards that they can’t believe we got so many great shots because they hardly noticed us on the wedding day. That is our goal!”
So, it’s like you are almost invisible working in the room….

“Finally, we have invested in the very best equipment. As we mentioned above, we are not hobbyists who bought a couple cameras and started filming weddings. We feel confident that we have invested in the best professional video, audio, and lighting equipment, which, combined with our video production degrees, years of experience, and passion for what we do, translates into amazing films for all of our couples.”

He went on to also say…….“Not many folks cry from looking through a picture album, but we’ve all needed some tissues for those tear-jerker movies. There is something very powerful in motion pictures paired with audio that photographs can never quite capture. This is why you need your wedding filmed by a professional! The day will fly by so quickly it will all seem like a blur as you try to remember everything that happened. Our job is to capture those memories for you and deliver them to you in a beautiful wedding film that you can watch for the rest of your life!”
Watch Lafe’s videos here:

Lifehouse Wedding Films on Vimeo.

You can contact Lafe at Lifehouse Productions here:

Happy Planning,

Jim Horn


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