Slavonian Lodge, Biloxi MS Wedding DJ Jim Horn: Kevin and Allison said, “I do”, March 30, 2013 at Slavonian Lodge, Biloxi MS

I had the pleasure of being Master of Ceremonies for Allison and Kevin Schisler’s wedding reception at Slavonian Lodge, in Biloxi MS.

The evening was filled with love from family and friends. In fact, we started off the afternoon with fun, wedding party introductions. I had everyone cheering for each member of the wedding party and told a little bit about each person as they danced into the hall to their favorite song. It was so much fun and the guests loved it.

Allison and Kevin had a Love Story-style grand entrance and their first dance was “Your love is extravagant” by Casting Crownes. I’m a big fan of Christian music and have a huge song selection of this genre 🙂

The reception location was extraordinary! Slavonian Lodge is a beautiful venue and the lighting is amazing….very romantic and a perfect fit for a wedding reception. Mike is a pleasure to work with at the venue, too.

Allison looked absolutely beautiful and Kevin looked like he stepped out of a GQ magazine. Sonny Weeks was the photographer and captured some amazing moments throughout the afternoon.

Broom’s assisted with the catering and David Johnson with Snapparazzi was the company for providing the photo booth. David and his amazing selection of props had the guests laughing and going in his one-of-a-kind photo booth throughout the entire time we were there. His is like no other! Check him out!

Allison had lots of help from her aunt, Jody Derosa, who not only the planning and decorating but also with the food setups and so much more. Judy is so sweet and has so much love for her family.

Allison’s Maid of Honor, April, gave a very heartfelt toast and Kevin’s brother, Phillip, finished with a nice honor to our newlyweds as well. Later, Allison danced with her dad to “Butterfly Kisses” and Kevin joined his mom on the dance floor with a song that’s only heard at weddings called, “A song for my song”. I love the lyrics and it clearly describes the feelings that Kevin and his mom both share.

Here are a few candid pics I took around the room and a final slideshow. Enjoy!

Happy Planning,

Jim Horn


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