Pass Christian Wedding DJ: Ashton and Rachel Bond say “I DO” on October 19, 2013

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted my blogs and it’s time to catch up since Wedding season is in full swing.

I’ve been preparing some great upgrades to my performance and 2014 looks to be a busy and FUN year! Be sure to contact me and sign up for my newsletters (2x month).


In this blog, we feature Rachel and Ashton’s wedding celebration. Their celebration was on October 19, 2013 with the reception at Bay St. Louis Hall with about 300+ guests.

I’ve worked with so many brides and grooms over the years but Rachel and Ashton’s was extra special.

Rachel has her own floral shop (Pine Hills Floral Designs). I consider it a HUGE honor when a local wedding vendor asks me to be a part of their special day…..I really needed to bring my A game for this one…lol. In fact, Rachel and her mom provided their own floral designs for their wedding. The floral arrangements were ‘breath-taking’ as you can see below.

I had the pleasure of working with wedding coordinator, Susie Davis with A Plan to Remember. Susie and I work so well together and bring a ‘team approach’ to our work ethic.

In addition, Lisa Newman with Tilley Photography was on hand to capture all of the special moments that I created with Ashton and Rachel and their family and friends. Lisa has a special way of bringing out everyone’s personality in her photos as you can see by her work here:

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For the Grand Entrance, Rachel and Ashton elected for me to create for their wedding party: a PERSONALIZED grande entrance. This is where I add various biographical info about each person in the wedding party. Rachel and Ashton received so many wonderful comments about this feature since no one has ever seen this before. The party started off with laughter and engagement from the guests!

After the grande entrance, the newlyweds had their first dance (I’ll follow you” by Shinedown) which is one of their favorite bands that they like to follow via concerts. The band, Shinedown, has a special meaning in their lives. 🙂

Rachel had a heart-warming dance with her dad to “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Afterwards, Ashton shared a dance with his mom with “Simple Man” by Shinedown…..of course. 🙂

It wasn’t long after the Toasts and Cake Cutting, that the guests were ready to dance! Here is a video trailer that Lafe of Life House Wedding Films prepared of their wedding. Enjoy!

The Team (this group below has even been tagged as the Dream Team…lol):

Coordinator: Susie Davis (A Plan to Remember)

Photographer: Lisa Newman (Tilley Photography)

Videographer: Lafe Blobaum (Life House Wedding Films)

Florist: Rachel Bond (Pine Hills Floral Design)

Catering: Broom’s Catering

Baker: Melissa’s Specialty Cakes

Master of Ceremonies: Jim Horn (Jim Horn Entertainment)


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