Four guidelines to consider BEFORE hiring your wedding entertainment from Gulf Coast Wedding DJ: Jim Horn

Check referrals. Ask your wedding vendors who they’ve seen and recommend. Photographers, videographers, and caterers are the best resource. Also ask family and friends.

Request a face-to-face meeting with your entertainment choice. This will give you a feel for the person and will determine if you have a personality match. After all, they will be representing you.

Request to see uncut video footage of the DJ’s performance. You’ve seen your photographer’s work, your videographer’s video demos, tasted your caterer’s food, and visited your venue, etc. Ask to see video of an actual introduction of the wedding party, the first dance, the cake cutting announcement, plus video of how the DJ interacts and motivates the crowd, etc. Any DJ can show dancing guests but you deserve to see more of what the DJ will do to create the special moments at weddings.

And finally, ask about continuing education and/or workshops that they’ve attended in the last 5 years. How are they improving their skills, education, talent, and more? There are several workshops that are available for skill and performance improvement. Your event deserves the best.

Happy planning!!



Long Beach Wedding DJ, Long Beach, Mississippi: Jeremy and Kimberly Suber say “I DO” on Nov 23, 2013


When I first met Kimberly and Jeremy I knew their wedding reception was going to be amazing in so many ways….from the music selection, to the wedding theme, to the personal touches that we created throughout our planning process.

Their reception took place at the St. Thomas Hall in Long Beach, MS. This is one of my favorite venues to play because of the incredible view of the Ms Gulf Coast.856254_10152074841133711_82797374_o

Their Peacock-themed celebration was beautifully decorated by wedding planner, Susie Davis of A Plan to Remember and Rachel Bond of Pine Hills Florist. The reception began at 3:00pm with guests signing in and writing ‘marriage advice’ at their respective tables. I really enjoyed reading some of the comments later in the evening during dinner.

Their family and friends were very engaged with the activities that we had in store for them throughout the evening…like from the very beginning of the grand entrance into their first dance, we surprised everyone with their First Dance personalized voice over (Kim and Jeremy recorded sweet messages to each other prior to the big day and I edited the special comments into their first dance). Upon hearing their personalized recording, both the bride and groom and their guests were in awe! They danced to Keith Urban’s “Making memories of us.”

Afterwards, Kimberly had a collection of photographs of her and her dad that she made into a slide show. During the father/daughter dance, the slide show ran and guests got to watch both their dance and sweet pics of ‘days gone by’ as they danced to Krystal Keith’s “Daddy dance with me.”1534809_10152075143188711_1978072376_o

Later, Jeremy enjoyed a special moment with his mom as they danced to “My wish” by Rascal Flatts.

Guests loved the crazy fun of the Photobooth by Party Down Photobooth company.

After dinner, toasts, and the cake cutting ceremony, we surprised Kimberly and Jeremy’s guests again with a Newlywed Game and followed up by inviting everyone out with the crazy fun song, “Harlem Shake.”

The guests had a great time dancing and visiting; after all, weddings are like family reunions, too, which is why they are so much fun and memorable.

Congratulations Kimberly and Jeremy Suber!!1529779_10152074659458711_797797715_o

A special thanks to some of my favorite wedding vendors on the Gulf Coast for making Jeremy and Kimberly’s wedding so much fun and memorable.

Kimberly and Jeremy’s wedding team:

Coordinator: Susie Davis, A Plan To Remember

Photographer: Lisa Newman, Tilley Photography

Caterer: Reliable Catering (Sonja Jackson)

Baker: Melissa’s specialty cakes

Florist: Rachel Cuevas (Pine Hills Florist)

Photobooth: Party Down

Master of Ceremonies / DJ: Jim Horn, Jim Horn Entertainment

Pass Christian Wedding DJ: Ashton and Rachel Bond say “I DO” on October 19, 2013

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted my blogs and it’s time to catch up since Wedding season is in full swing.

I’ve been preparing some great upgrades to my performance and 2014 looks to be a busy and FUN year! Be sure to contact me and sign up for my newsletters (2x month).


In this blog, we feature Rachel and Ashton’s wedding celebration. Their celebration was on October 19, 2013 with the reception at Bay St. Louis Hall with about 300+ guests.

I’ve worked with so many brides and grooms over the years but Rachel and Ashton’s was extra special.

Rachel has her own floral shop (Pine Hills Floral Designs). I consider it a HUGE honor when a local wedding vendor asks me to be a part of their special day…..I really needed to bring my A game for this one…lol. In fact, Rachel and her mom provided their own floral designs for their wedding. The floral arrangements were ‘breath-taking’ as you can see below.

I had the pleasure of working with wedding coordinator, Susie Davis with A Plan to Remember. Susie and I work so well together and bring a ‘team approach’ to our work ethic.

In addition, Lisa Newman with Tilley Photography was on hand to capture all of the special moments that I created with Ashton and Rachel and their family and friends. Lisa has a special way of bringing out everyone’s personality in her photos as you can see by her work here:

1525598_10201159114281681_1137624776_n 1525361_10201159134682191_90125973_n 1525059_10201159070200579_838597589_n 1524639_10201159070320582_1719087432_n 1521796_10201159064760443_437919925_n 1521748_10201159086200979_1697755948_n 1521389_10201159094521187_926775452_n 1520718_10201159085320957_400318539_n 1518122_10201159003158903_20720396_n 1515030_10201159005358958_538188168_n 1514617_10201159133282156_1044263884_n 1512687_10201159111761618_1145522464_n 1511397_10201159002158878_752431104_n 1508019_10201159078000774_834340939_n 1507136_10201159099761318_512383286_n 1506908_10201159006998999_183935512_n 1505618_10201159124921947_1978672942_n 1504116_10201159002518887_2044044589_n 1504058_10201159114321682_362461150_n 1504007_10201159009599064_547096484_n 1499633_10201159125881971_1488195157_n 1488151_10201159090201079_1526165059_n 1480639_10201159076200729_837795913_n 1479054_10201159070960598_1399223920_n 1478937_10201159062360383_504416889_n 1477428_10201159125681966_2004084432_n 1476122_10201159010559088_1644375166_n 1475881_10201159077400759_1338546987_n 1475836_10201159074440685_1378756900_n 1471890_10201159107521512_1412859299_n 1471233_10201159076400734_1661551372_n 1471123_10201159062760393_34978153_n 1469879_10201159009519062_1417484035_n 1468543_10201159071880621_1136443120_n 1467296_10201159104361433_1764627353_n 1464133_10201159010039075_173123669_n 1461154_10201159094881196_359898513_n 997003_10201159095281206_42037319_n 993822_10201159005518962_1786380256_n 993508_10201159072960648_78389062_n 960124_10201159093561163_908791578_n Tilley Photography

For the Grand Entrance, Rachel and Ashton elected for me to create for their wedding party: a PERSONALIZED grande entrance. This is where I add various biographical info about each person in the wedding party. Rachel and Ashton received so many wonderful comments about this feature since no one has ever seen this before. The party started off with laughter and engagement from the guests!

After the grande entrance, the newlyweds had their first dance (I’ll follow you” by Shinedown) which is one of their favorite bands that they like to follow via concerts. The band, Shinedown, has a special meaning in their lives. 🙂

Rachel had a heart-warming dance with her dad to “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Afterwards, Ashton shared a dance with his mom with “Simple Man” by Shinedown…..of course. 🙂

It wasn’t long after the Toasts and Cake Cutting, that the guests were ready to dance! Here is a video trailer that Lafe of Life House Wedding Films prepared of their wedding. Enjoy!

The Team (this group below has even been tagged as the Dream Team…lol):

Coordinator: Susie Davis (A Plan to Remember)

Photographer: Lisa Newman (Tilley Photography)

Videographer: Lafe Blobaum (Life House Wedding Films)

Florist: Rachel Bond (Pine Hills Floral Design)

Catering: Broom’s Catering

Baker: Melissa’s Specialty Cakes

Master of Ceremonies: Jim Horn (Jim Horn Entertainment)

MS Gulf Coast Wedding DJ says: “I don’t want to spend alot on a DJ…it’s just music”, said every regretful bride

I recently found this great blog from a wedding coordinator in California that, until recently, never understood the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into what a Master of Ceremonies and professional Wedding DJ does for their clients.

I believe this article will touch base with many ‘brides-to-be’ who are looking for entertainment for their wedding but really don’t know where to start.

Enjoy reading here!

Happy planning!

Jim Horn

Biloxi Wedding DJ Jim Horn at Slavonian Lodge, Biloxi, MS presents: The most popular First Dance selections

DSC_9575 copy

Can’t decide on your first dance selection?

Here are the top 5 First dances that brides and grooms all over the country are choosing for their first dance:

1. “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz

2. “Then” by Brad Paisley

3. “At Last” by Etta James

4. “God gave me you” by Blake Shelton

5. “A Thousand years” by Christina Perri

Want to see more selections? Drop me an email or phone call and I’ll send you the top 50 songs!

Happy Planning!

Gulf Coast Wedding DJ presents: Vendor spotlight: Snaparazzi Photobooth

Our vendor spotlight is Snaparazzi Photobooth company. I’ve been working with David with Snaparazzi Photobooth company for many years. He has a unique service that is in high demand here on the Ms Gulf Coast and beyond! David Johnson gives great advice when looking for Photobooths for your special occasion and for making that ‘special connection’ with the people that run them. Read on!

The best tip I can give specific to photobooths is to actually see the photobooth you intend to have at your reception live and in person.  There’s a variety of different styles of booths and for the most part they offer the same end result. The difference between them (and it’s a BIG difference) is the quality of the construction of the booth, the quality of the final print, and the options for the photo strips.  


Photobooths come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Many times what you get is not actually even a photobooth, but a back drop and a camera, or a tower housing a computer and camera and a curtain.  Many times these photobooths are unattractive and feature low quality construction materials and workmanship.  Snaparazzi is the only photobooth company in Mississippi and Alabama to offer the genuine Model 12 photobooth from Photoworks Interactive.  This booth features retro vintage styling and solid steel construction.   


Most photobooths offer a 1 1/2″ x 4″ photo strip (or similar) with 3 or 4 different poses.  A lot of the time the photo paper is very thin and isn’t UV coated to prevent fading, smudges, and fingerprints.  On those types of photo strips there’s usually not much room for you to have a unique design to commemorate the big day!  Snaparazzi is the only photobooth company to offer a 3, 4, and 6 pose photo strip each printed on high quality UV coated 4 x 6 photo paper. The pictures are delivered from our photo lab quality printer in just 10 seconds and ready for a frame!  


What makes Snaparazzi different from the rest is our commitment to quality and professionalism.  It’s not enough to have a top of the line photobooth, you have to have people that care about your event as much as you do.  The owners of the Snaparazzi Photobooth Company personally attend each event.  We assist your guests with selecting their props, entering and exiting the photobooth, and decorating the scrapbook.  We’re there onsite to make sure you get the most out of your Snaparazzi experience.  It’s wasn’t necessarily the photobooth that won us the Knot’s Best of Weddings award (although that helped) or keeps our A rating with the MS BBB.  It was our customer service and our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.


Everyone claims to be the best, to be the premier photobooth provider, to be unique in some way, but few live up to these claims.  There’s only one photobooth company that offers red carpet and velvet ropes in every package, there’s only one that has been the provider for SiriusXM radio, Red Lobster, Century 21, the Golden Nugget, and the Hard Rock, and only one in Mississippi to be voted by the brides of Mississippi as “the best”, that’s Snaparazzi!  If you want a photobooth company that claims to be the best and has the hardware to back it up look no further than Snaparazzi!
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2013 Best of Weddings Winner from the
Happy Planning!

Beau Rivage, Biloxi MS Wedding DJ: Should You “Un-plug” Your Wedding?


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newman0989I am at many, many weddings throughout the year and I definitely think you should consider “unplugging” your wedding.

What does that mean?  It means letting your guests know that it’s ok for them to put away their cell phones and cameras and just experience your wedding with you rather than experiencing it through a 3″ screen.

Your photographer, that you spent a lot of money on, should not have to fight your friends and family for space to take just the right shot.

I’ve heard many horror stories from photographers about a family member jumping into the aisle with their iPhone to get a picture of the first kiss, and as a result the photographer gets a great picture of the family members head rather than your first kiss.

Here is a great blog post full of ideas to consider from Offbeat

Happy planning!

Jim Horn

Imperial Palace Biloxi Wedding DJ Jim Horn Entertainment presents: “Well….because that’s the way we always do it.”



When planning an elegant, fun and unique-to-you wedding, this phrase is your ENEMY.

If any vendor you are considering uses that phrase, they do not have the success of your event in mind. They have what is easiest and most convenient for them in mind.

Are there things I do at weddings that are similar to other weddings? Of course.

I also recognize that every wedding is different because every couple is different. You have ideas that are going to be unique to you and how you see your celebration playing out.

My job is to take those ideas and dreams and turn them into reality for you. Count on it!

Happy Planning!

Slidell Wedding DJ Jim Horn presents: The DJ ruined my wedding! Will your wedding be the next Horror story?

I have heard many horror stories at my consultations and at my performances over the years about how the DJ ruined their wedding, their family members wedding or their friends wedding.

Here are some examples:

The DJ never showed up.
We hired a friend of the family really cheap and he canceled a week before because he forgot that he was attending a music festival on my wedding day.
The DJ was drunk. The DJ was drunk before the dance started so some members of the wedding  party took over and ran the music.
The DJ just stood behind his table and did not say anything all night.
The DJ said vulgar and obscene things on the microphone.
The DJ was dressed shabbily.
The DJ had lots of pretty lights but had no clue about how to connect with my crowd.
The DJ gave no direction or made any announcements. No one knew what was coming up next or what was going on.

The DJ never met with us beforehand to get to know us or to discuss our wedding details.
The DJ thought the wedding was about him with his funny antics and completely forgot that it was about the bride and groom.
We requested no cheesy songs and the DJ played a number of cheesy songs.
The DJ took a number of smoke breaks outside.
The DJ was hitting on the bridesmaids!
The DJ played only few of our requested songs.

These are just a few!
And we wonder why so many people don’t take what we do seriously!

Here are some things to consider when hiring your wedding DJ:
Does your DJ have references from other wedding vendors, local banquet halls and hotels, from bride and grooms? 

Have others heard about your DJ? If not, why not?
Do they have current reviews online?
Will they know how to read a crowd?
Will the DJ have the talent and skills to act as your master of ceremonies & be able to mix your music?
Do they have a professional looking web site? That is one of their calling cards!
There are many levels of talent in DJ’s. Not all DJ are created equal!
Are they primarily wedding DJs?
What training do they have?
Are they insured?
Have they taken performance courses?
Will your guests be entertained?

Will it be FUN at your wedding?

And finally..
Will you be able to enjoy your wedding day and have fun with your family and friends, and feel comfortable knowing you hired a trusted professional who will carry out the outline, your wishes, plans, requests, for your most important day?
Will you feel comfortable about the wedding entertainer you hired for your wedding, or will it be about how much you saved hiring a cheap DJ? 

Don’t play the roulette wheel with your wedding entertainment. It might end up landing on the horror story DJ!

Happy Planning!

Jim Horn

Pascagoula Wedding DJ Jim Horn Entertainment presents: Vendor Spotlight: Kayce Stork Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Kayce about 2 years ago for Elizabeth and Andy’s wedding reception in Pascagoula. She was such a pleasure to team with on their wedding. Kayce Stork is this month’s Vendor Spotlight.

I asked Kayce a few questions about her photography business and this is what she told me…

What should a bride look for in wedding photography?
“Quality that represents what she wants in her day.. Too many brides go by “a budget” and end up choosing wedding photographers with a totally different vision. Every photographer has a style and I think the two of you should have a similar style to go with. Will you see eye to eye on everything? Probably not, but talk to the photographer and tell them what you want your day to be like, what photos your drawn to, etc. Don’t get stuck on the “budgets” and choose the wrong photographer. Be sure to talk to them about your goals & even ask them what they could vision for you.

What three things make you different from other photographers?
“Well for starters I am one of the youngest wedding professionals here on the coast. I think this sets me apart as I am able to know what my brides want, yet I also know what Moms want. I’m able to mix the modern & fun with traditional and timeliness.
I aim to go above and beyond all expectations. I sit down with my Brides and Grooms to go over any Concerns they may have, and answer any questions that may come up. We also go over what poses they like, and anything they’d like to incorporate. Their day is theirs and I treat it just as that!
Last, but certainly not least I’d say care. I care about their wants & needs. I want to form relationships with each client so that they come as clients and leave as friends.

What style of photography do you specialize in?
“Timeless with a twist That’s a tough one!! I want to create memories that can be displayed in your home for years to come, while also keeping with a fun, and candid side.
I adore the fun side of photography, but also know you must have the traditional side as well. I think mixing the two is what makes my photography shine.”

For more info, visit Kayce Stork’s website at:

Happy Planning,

Jim Horn